The Heliotrope Diary
Who loves orange soda?
#KizzySessions ..  Kizzy Kane - “The Grey Room” cover art
#KizzySessionOne .. bbp/shabazz
Shout Kizzy Kane for repping on ANthem4deezhoes last night .. #XObaby #Kanedidthebackgroundvocals 
The 6 chains that I copped because Today was a good day, and BLOCKA and ANthem4deezhoes are killa tracks .. #celebrate
Supposed to have a session today, and we didnt so BBP and I hit the beach 
Throwback…On the way back from #FFDS video shoot, that kintampo bus was hella cool
Outside look at the inside world, this is where it goes down..
U already know,boss’n up